How Fundy Market Delivers

We are so grateful to partner with Source One Supplies, based out of St. Stephen, New Brunswick for all of our delivery needs. Every Thursday and Friday morning we will meet up with Source One Supplies to prepare our deliveries. We make our deliveries two days each week:

Thursdays - Route 3 to Harvey, Route 640 to Hanwell, Fredericton, St. George, St. John and Surrounding areas

Fridays - St. Stephen, St. Andrews and Surrounding areas



Our delivery route is sub-divided into two zones, the orange or "Out of Town" delivery route and the blue or "In Town" delivery route. Deliveries falling in the orange zone are subject to a $18 delivery fee, deliveries falling in the blue zone are subject to a $9 delivery fee.


If you wish to pick up your package in person in St. Stephen - you can select "local pickup" at the checkout and pick up your order directly from Source One Supplies (30 Disher Ln. St. Stephen) on Fridays between 10 AM - 2 PM. Orders for local pickup are subject to a $5 transportation fee.

If you are not within either delivery zones and wish to make an order, please contact us directly at and we will try to assist your needs. Thanks so much for shopping with us!



the Fundy Market team

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